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Migraines and Prolonged Screen Exposure


It seems normal for people to spend hours a day glued to the screens of their many devices today. However, prolonged looking at screens can cause migraine headaches among many. Eye strain caused by exposure to blue light, screen flickering, and more can cause you to feel strong, throbbing, or pulsing on one or both sides of your head, forcing you to seek migraine treatment.

There are good practices you can follow to reduce the chances of getting headache pain due to blue light exposure. Try these simple strategies before seeking treatment for migraine in Corona, California.

Using a screen guard on your home or office computer monitor can reduce eyestrain caused by prolonged screen exposure. Switching your monitors to eco-mode can also lower the screen brightness and the resulting strain on your eyes. Wearing blue light glasses is another way to reduce eyestrain from looking at computer monitors, tablets, cellular phones, and more. Finally, taking short breaks every 30 minutes or so will allow your eyes to rest and relax, reducing the chance of getting migraines.

If you continue to experience severe headaches despite observing these good habits and best practices, it may be time to get treatment for chronic migraine and craniofacial pain in California. We at Cure Migraine Worldwide, LLC are among the leading providers of innovative treatment for migraine and craniofacial pain in Corona California. Call us at +1 888-201-7002 to schedule a consultation today.

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