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Cure Migraine Treatment

Craniofacial Pain in Corona, California

A novel treatment of migraine headaches and craniofacial neuralgia

Patients with chronic or episodic trigeminal neuralgia — migraine or craniofacial neuralgia — are accepted after being educated about our treatment for migraine in Corona, California. All medications taken for migraine will be tapered down and discontinued at the time of consultation. Before the treatment, individuals will return to the clinic for necessary tests, such as MRI of the brain and CTCB of the jaws (if required). All patients may provide an MRI or CT scan of their brain and a CTCB of the jaw for a near precise evaluation of the cause of their condition.

After the initial treatment, patients will return if any pain symptoms occur within the next 72 hours. They may receive follow-up treatment if required.

Evaluation of all medications the patients are taking proceeds with tapering discontinuation of the opioid analgesic, anti-epileptic, and dependency withdrawal caused by certain medications. We request that patients temporarily put a halt to medications, such as Plavix, Coumadin, aspirin, fish oil, and vitamin E, a few days prior to the treatment by consulting their primary care physicians. Other medications should be continued. No contraindication for the presence of any co-morbidity is known for limiting the treatment.

We utilize a sophisticated method and medications, which are administered into the branches of the trigeminal and occipital nerves bilaterally and simultaneously. The combination sterile was prepared and administered safely in minimal portions 0.1mL-0.3mL, using a very thin needle. No premedication, laboratory work, or intravenous access is necessary. There is no downtime involved with the treatment.

Patients may return to daily activities the very same day. In 550 treatments, we did not witness any adverse reaction or side effect in a short time or long term.

Discover the power of science and persistence. Stop other people experimenting with your life. Life is beautiful without headaches.

**Skeptical patients and severe resistant migraine cases are preferred for the treatment. It is your good right to be skeptical after so many treatments and promises. Here, we do not promise; we treat to cure. (Owiesy, MD)**

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