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Our Commitment

  • High success rate expected. No refunds! Free treatments if needed for the next ten (10) years.
  • No lifestyle modifications or change of job. No need for burdensome FMLATA.
  • Return to your job, your school, and your family free of pain, anxiety, and depression.
  • Tolerated for ages 10-90 years old, our treatment spans all sub-types of migraine categories and trigeminal neuralgia.
  • Normally, just one session treatment with over 95% resolution rate for a long period.
  • No downtime. No major side effects or adverse reactions.
  • No surgical procedure. No stereotactic radiofrequency (RFR). No percutaneous stereotactic radiofrequency (RSR)…
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Welcome to Cure Migraine Worldwide,LLC

Chronic Migraine and Craniofacial Pain in Corona, California

Our Life Is Made of Choices. What's Your Choice?

Cure Migraine and Cluster Headaches in Southern California

Cure Migraine Worldwide provides treatment for craniofacial pain and migraine in Corona, California, with a 95% success rate. Learn more about our novel treatment for migraine headaches and craniofacial neuralgia here.

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Cure Migraine Treatment

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Our View of Migraine Disease

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Untangling Complex Cluster Headaches

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Why the Headache Clinic

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Cure Migraine Worldwide,LLC is here to provide innovative treatment for your migraines and craniofacial problems. We encourage you to give us all the needed information prior to setting your treatment appointment with us.

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Our View of Migraine Disease

Our approach to treating and managing migraine headaches yielded gratifying results that have encouraged us to reevaluate scientific literature and our products. Simultaneous treatment of trigeminal and occipital nerves has never been approached…

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Accessibility & Affordability

Our procedure is not covered by insurance, but we keep our treatment cost affordable for everyone. We offer payment plans. All follow-ups and post-treatments are free of charge for the next ten (10) years. Donations are always appreciated.

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Innovation and Research

We are conducting a clinical trial for an IND for FDA approval: Clinical trial identifier NCT#: 04845451

Cluster Headache Clinical study: Furrow II procedure, which aims at the diagnosis and role of zygomaticotemporal neuroma in episodic, chronic cluster headache (ECCH). Exploring the presence of a neuroma in the property of the zygomaticotemporal nerve. Clinical trial Identifier #: NCT03220113. This clinical trial is completed as of September 30, 2022.


Please take time to read these testimonials from some of our patients. Learn more about what our patients have to say on the effective treatments we provide for chronic migraine.

International FAQs

Call us at +1 888-201-7002 for free consolations. We offer you advice and solutions when it comes to innovative treatments for migraine headaches. We accept international patients; we do consult and train their treating physicians.

There is no limitation in our effort to serve humanity. We are limited only by distance and time.

Our ultimate goal is to serve humanity by making our treatment available around the world, effective, low cost, and by a simple procedure to eliminate lifelong pain and suffering.

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