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Why the Headache Clinic?

We are a highly qualified, specialist medical team passionate about providing long-term, non-drug treatments for all headaches and migraines.

The Headache Clinic is an internationally acclaimed Southern California headache and migraine treatment center. Unlike many specialists who believe headache pain originates in the brain and approach Pain with drugs, our 23 years of research and treatment have proven our view and knowledge in the initiation of migraine headaches coming closer to reality. We understand that migraine headaches have been with us ever since ancient times. Our unique treatment success rates indicate primary headache pain caused by anatomical structures of the major sensory organs outside the skull close to the brain. Therefore, migraine is not a potentially lifelong disease.

We use a unique diagnostic method to pinpoint the structures and processes involved in our patient’s primary migraine Pain. In addition, we use scientific physiologic knowledge to eliminate the possible causes of migraine in each patient. We do not prescribe medications for pain relief or preventive or abortive drugs following our treatment. Therefore, our patients do not experience refractory headaches and the need for emergency room or hospitalizations encounter.

We discovered and developed a drug formula called SENZA-TE, using a specific algorithm based on years of research, experience, and a broad neurological understanding of the 21st century. Our patients do not ask for alternative drugs or lifestyle modifications. Children as young as 9 tolerate our treatment well.

Our treatment is not offered anywhere else in the world yet. So, for example, our migraine treatment included one session with no side effects or downtime.

We diagnose before treatment.
We serve national & international patients.

Dr. Owiesy, a multispecialty-trained physician, has over 23 years of research experience in migraine, cluster, tension headaches, and other neurological conditions.

Headache Treatment

Medical research has shown that in most headache sufferers, the Pain originates not from the brain but from the structures outside the skull in the properties of the sensory organs. These organs connect our brain with our earthy physical environment—sensory organs programming the brain for the continuity of life. Brain, per se, seems like a computer without applications and memories.

Our treatment for migraine headaches and other types of headaches focuses on the structural physiology of the sensory organs. These lifeguard structures are easy to access for both diagnosis and treatment. Our focus is on primary migraine headaches; however, our diagnostic and therapeutic approach may also benefit individuals with secondary migraine headaches.

Our recent clinical trial on Cluster Headaches projected evidence of zygomaticotemporal Neuroma/disorganized nerve bundle as a triggering source of Episodic and Chronic Cluster Headaches (ECCH) precisely over the pinpointed temple. This clinical trial on individuals with ECCH was the subject of surgical exploration, and excision cured long-term episodic and chronic cluster headaches primarily for over 370 days. It may further light up puzzling questions and treatments, save a life, and ease the psycho-social and financial burden on individual patients, their families, and society. This novel courageous approach is now available at our clinic for cluster headaches suffering individuals.

Driven by expertise and in-depth therapeutic knowledge

We are a highly qualified specialist and medical provider passionate about providing long-term answers for all primary headaches and migraines. We cure but do not treat or abort migraine headaches. With all the respect to our scientific and pharmaceutical community, we announce the cure for migraine headaches in one treatment session will change the lives of our patients.

We understand that Pain, particularly migraine headaches, is part of the cosmic consciousness on Earth. Happiness and Pain are twins. Happiness is absent whenever our body is in Pain, and vice versa. Pain is a characteristic alignment of perishable creatures programmed by DNA on the planet, the Earth; in contrast, lifeless hardware of the physical world and surrounding universe survive a long existence beyond our life. On the other hand, we understand that vegetative life is always under the direct influence of the physical world. Pain is part of life but not part of death.

We believe migraine headaches mechanism and process is a neurovascular dynamics. Vaso-constriction but not vaso-dilation in the property of peripheral sensory nerves initiates neurotoxins synthesis.

Regulation of this process is translated by incredible DNA encoding in the autonomous nerve system—a reactive response to potentially harmful vasoconstriction. Hypoxia activates harmful neuroinflammatory toxins. Rapid vasodilation through upregulation and spillover of the Calcium Gene Receptor Peptides in the property of the adventitia of the arteries, peripheral ganglia, and peripheral nerves demonstrate a reactive correlation between the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. So far known, the brain, per se, does not carry pain receptors. Therefore, vasodilation and spillover of the CGRP in the brain’s properties cannot cause PAIN. We understand that repetitive signaling for chronic migraine headaches is related to dysbalance in the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve systems interrupting their equilibrium. Upregulation of the sympathetic system in response to harmful stressors induces a dramatic increase in Tumor Necrosing Factor alpha, TNF-a and its receptors. A process of potent immunomodulatory and proinflammatory cytokine that may cause cell death if prolonged in its action.

(1-Liu T, Clark RK, McDonnell PC, et al. Tumor necrosis factor-alpha expression in ischemic neurons. Stroke. 1994;25:1481–1488. 2-Barone FC, Arvin B, White RF, et al. Tumor necrosis factor-alpha: a mediator of focal ischemic brain injury. Stroke. 1997;28:1233–1244).

However, in opposite it seems there is no parallel immunoreaction inducing any proinflammatory cytokine and cell death implicated in the sympathetic reactions and CGRP release in action.

An upregulated hypersensitivity of the parasympathetic reflex to repetitive physical or chemical stressors disrupts the equilibrium securing the integrity of the brain and its sensory organs. This immunologic reaction translates by neurotoxins, such as TNF-a Nitric Oxide, and excitotoxins. We speculate that migraine headache is an immunologic process in response to physical elements of the planet of Earth and the surrounding universe of invisible rays.

Our treatment suggested regulating the stability of the sympathetic and parasympathetic signaling systems, desensitizing the primarily hyper-sensitized elements of the sensory organs. We understand that repeated exposure to the same physical stressors would trigger the immunologic signals of migraine headaches if not silenced and desensitized. The upregulation of the proinflammatory toxins could be interrupted by certain anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and Triptans drugs of selective serotonin receptor agonists. Even herbal supplements and electrostimulation of the sensory nerves in the periphery essentially showed interruption of the insult by providing a short time relief. But not a cure or long-term relief.

What do we think about the current migraine and cluster headaches therapy by industry?

A review of the current treatment drugs and modalities demonstrated that the established hypothesis of the CGRP panel in the therapy of migraine headaches is short on their translational efficacy. The impact felt by market analysis is the continuous suffering of migraine headaches and further sales erosion throughout the industry as patients and investors tried to understand the long-term effect of biosimilar entry, particularly on the innocent pediatric population. A critical literature review revealed that in the past 20 years, scientists and pharmaceutical manufacturers tried to convince the world of the new biosimilar, CGRP- monoclonal antibodies and receptor blockers with no significant therapeutic values of these biologics and biosimilar. In addition, this line of drugs made no difference to Triptans or Non- Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs. Effective marketing of daily flourishing new biosimilars on the market for the same reason in scientific journals & conferences, television, and radio is far from the reality of effectively preventing and aborting migraine symptoms. They should be categorized as speculative drugs but not curative ones.

As data demonstrate, one primary reason each country’s economy has been deprived of billions of dollars in the standard health budget each year over the past decades is the sophisticated advertisement of the efficacy of new biosimilar drugs. We live in real-time, and it is difficult for little consumers’ to keep up their budget and productivity despite the expensive migraine drugs cost. Yet, we believe in humanity and human challenges. So, ultimately, we decided to market our knowledge by teaching and opening our knowledge to all medical communities and patients suffering from migraine and cluster headaches without extravagant speculations. Did we hurt anyone? Our apologies!