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Untangling Complex Cluster Headaches

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“It feels like a foreign body inside the skull, trying to crack open it from inside….It starts with a little tingle in the temple and grows in an attack.” Mark M. June 25, 2018. YouTube Interview

The Actuality of Cluster Headaches Therapy

If the mainstream, conventional treatments are ineffective, causing side effects, should we all accept our fate of losing our happiness to the pain? The question arises if there is any cure for Cluster Headaches. We are sure that all involved with cluster headaches repeatedly asked themselves during all the Cluster Buster’s meetings, Runs, international headaches conferences, and pain conferences. Also, we asked for 23 years. That is a very skeptical question.

In our journey to treat migraine and cluster headaches (CH), we came upon different views than the conventional views and approaches. Our intense research on the pattern of CH lighted up the cause and suspected trigger of it. We started empirically with one patient in 2016 and completed our clinical trial for Cluster Headaches NCT 04855451 in December 2022. Data collected over 370 days revealed long-term relief of cluster headaches symptoms after a one-time procedure. After that, participants did not experience explosive symptoms or take any drugs, Oxygen, or psilocybin supplements. The promising outcome of the first approach in April 2016 encouraged us to repeat the same. We did.

We tested this hypothesis by analysis of the Cluster Headaches triggers and path of attacks in our clinical trial and redefined the understanding of cluster headaches by diagnosing the presence of a wild neuroma or nerve bundle in the elongation of the Zygomaticotemporal nerve and its excision. Unfortunately, this procedure is currently available only at our headaches clinic. As you know, our life is made of daily choices, and we make our choice. We are dedicated to curing headaches, including Chronic and Episodic Cluster Headaches (CECH), and bringing happiness back to our patients.

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Theoretical, practical, and clinical aspects of a novel approach to the treatment of chronic and episodic cluster headaches

Faro T. Owiesy, MD, P.I-Surgeon/FP, Steven Ohsie M.D. Dermatopathologist / Surgical Pathologist, Amir, Radfar, MD, MPH, MSC, DHSC.


Importance: Chronic and episodic cluster headaches are a worldwide distributed problem that significantly impairs sufferers’ ability to function and perform their daily activities. Puzzling triggers and treatment approaches are burdensome and costly. A new approach to chronic and episodic cluster headaches may light up long-term and curative treatment and a new understanding of trigger(s).

Objective: The objective was to redefine the cause of the cluster headaches, diagnosing the evidence of a neuroma in the distribution of a zygomaticotemporal nerve, and the long-term.

Design: A single-center, randomized, interventional, prospective clinical trial. Allocation is selective and ambulatory. All gender and races aged 20-70, without discrimination of their comorbidities, contributed to this trial.

Primary outcome and measures: Evidence of Neuroma by histopathologic examination, long-term efficacy in relieving cluster headaches over 270 days. We were looking at other possible correlating findings. An interventional prospective clinical trial per protocol; clinicaltrial.gov Identifier NCT 04845451

Results: Collected data of our participants showed that nearly 100% of Patients responded with complete relief of their cluster headaches symptoms. However, there were migraine symptoms over the opposite side after completing the original procedure, which we also addressed.

Conclusion and relevance: Systematic data collection included cluster symptoms, frequency of attack cycle, and intended pain severity. Our data collected over 270 days demonstrated long-term relief of cluster headaches symptoms. We addressed additional findings of trigeminal neuralgia by treatment of symptoms at the opposite site after resection of Neuroma using a De Novo formula. Corresponding resolution of cluster headaches by excision of a single neuroma in the property of zygomaticotemporal nerve may light future approaches to cluster headache resolution.

Keywords: Cluster headaches, trigeminal neuralgia, Cephalelgia, SUNCT, Neuroma, diagnostic and curative.

Abbreviations: ECCH Episodic & Chronic Cluster Headaches
Conflict of interest, disclosure: There is no conflict of interest.

Article published in the Journal of Recent Advances in Clinical Trials Volume / Issue 2 May 2024.