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Knowing the Various Phases of Migraine

Knowing the Various Phases of Migraine

Migraines are among the types of pain that we hope not to experience. These are the kinds of headaches that are recurring. When we have migraines, we can feel a throbbing or pulsing moderate to severe pain which is usually on one side of our head. We may experience other symptoms as well like weakness and nausea. It’s also possible to be sensitive to light and sound. Healthcare professionals such as those providing treatment for chronic migraine and craniofacial pain in California can help us alleviate these signs and symptoms. Read on to know the various phases of migraine.

  • Prodrome
    This particular phase begins up to 24 hours before the time we experience the migraine. There are some early symptoms like mood changes which are unexplainable, cravings for food, retention of fluid, more frequent urination, and uncontrollable yawning.
  • Aura
    If we experience this phase, we may notice bright or flashing lights or perhaps zig-zag lines. We may feel muscle weakness as well or feel like someone is touching or grabbing us. This phase may happen just before or during a migraine. Migraine treatment can aid us to overcome this phase.
  • Headache
    Normally, migraine headaches begin gradually and later become severe. It normally causes us to feel a pulsing or throbbing pain, that’s usually on one side of our head.
  • Postdrome
    In this phase, we may become exhausted, confused, and weak following a migraine. This may last the entire day. Various innovative treatment for migraine help alleviates these symptoms.

At Cure Migraine Worldwide, LLC, we have an excellent team of healthcare professionals to help you treat your migraine. Feel free to contact us about our treatment for migraine in Corona, California.

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