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How to Respond to a Migraine Attack


Migraines are a severe health issue. They can be debilitating and make even simple daily tasks seem impossible.

There are several means of treatment for migraine in Corona, California, and if you are an individual who constantly suffers from a migraine attack, these tips will help ease the pain:

  • Take Your Medication
    It’s suitable to take migraine medication when you first notice the symptoms of a migraine. If you take it later, it may not be as effective or could cause side effects such as headache pain and drowsiness.
  • Apply an Ice Pack to Your Neck or Head
    The numbing impact of ice packs can lessen the pain and make you feel more comfortable.
  • Relax in a Dark Room
    A dark room can be soothing. Light can cause the dilation of blood vessels in the eye, which is what causes migraines.
  • Sleep It off if You Can
    A migraine attack is much more manageable when you can sleep it off. Try to take a nap or go to bed.
  • Meditate and Practice Mindfulness Breathing
    Breathe through your nose slowly until total capacity; hold your breath at full capacity for 5-10 seconds; then exhale through your nose. Continue this cycle until the tension in muscles is ultimately released.

If you keep yourself calm, you can undoubtedly deal with migraine attacks. The next time will be much easier on both body and mind.

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