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Understanding More About Occipital Neuralgia


Your occipital nerves are impacted by the headache condition known as occipital neuralgia. Your scalp’s occipital nerves are the nerves that cross it. Your scalp or the area behind your eye may feel piercing, stinging, or burning. When given the proper care, the majority of patients find pain alleviation. Cure Migraine Worldwide, LLC is a reliable provider of treatment for migraine in Corona, California.

A specific kind of headache condition is called Occipital neuralgia, there is also episodic trigeminal neuralgia. The inflammation of your occipital nerves causes the disease. The occipital nerves in your scalp are responsible for transmitting brain signals. Inflammation of the nerve involves discomfort or swelling surrounding the nerve.

Pain from occipital neuralgia can strike suddenly or develop gradually over several hours, like chronic migraine and craniofacial pain in California. Most patients find that noninvasive therapies reduce their symptoms. Usually, the discomfort subsides as the nerve injury improves or lessens.

Occipital neuralgia is most frequently brought on by pinched nerves or tight muscles. Following a head or neck injury, occipital neuralgia is another possibility. Migraine treatment specialists in our center can help.

The symptoms of occipital neuralgia impact your neck and head. Occipital neuralgia patients may only have fleeting symptoms. Sometimes, symptoms endure a very long period or are chronic. To know more about the treatment of trigeminal and occipital nerves, please do not hesitate to reach out to our lines and schedule an appointment.

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