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The Four Phases of Migraines


Migraine is more than just headache pain. A migraine can be difficult to deal with because the symptoms might alter over hours or even days. They usually go through the following stages:

  • Premonitory Stage
    This period is also known as the warning stage. You may experience a range of mental and physical changes during this period, including fatigue, a desire for certain foods, mood swings, neck stiffness, and frequent yawning.
  • Aura Stage
    This stage affects around a third of migraine sufferers, though it does not happen every time. A wide range of neurological symptoms is included in the aura of migraine. Changes in vision, such as dark spots or colorful patches, numbness, weakness, or dizziness, and, more infrequently, partial paralysis or fainting, are among the symptoms.
  • The Headache or Main Attack Stage
    This stage is characterized by moderate to severe headaches. The headache is usually throbbing, and movement, light, and sound aggravate it. The headache normally affects one side of the head, but it can also affect both sides or the entire head. This period is prone to sickness and vomiting.
  • Recovery or Postdrome Stage
    This is the final stage of an attack, and the drained, fatigued, or ‘hangover’ feeling can last for hours or days. The symptoms can be identical to those of the first. They frequently mirror similar signs and symptoms. If you were exhausted, for example, you might feel energized.

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