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Information You Should Gain Regarding Migraines


Migraines are a form of headache that may occur regularly and produce moderate to severe discomfort. Affected people generally describe the pain as “pulsing” and it usually occurs on one side of the head.

According to studies, women are more prone than males to suffer from migraines, and the majority of people who suffer from them have a family history of the condition. There is currently no known cure, however novel medication treatment for migraine is constantly being developed. So, what else is there to know about this debilitating headache?

At Cure Migraine Worldwide, LLC, apart from striving to provide pain relief to our clients, we also aim to give access to crucial information to everyone’s benefit! Aside from the aforementioned, these are important facts you need to be aware of about migraines and migraine treatment:

  • Migraine attacks typically start during adolescence or the 20s.
  • People living with migraine experience an average of two attacks per month.
Medications generally fall into two categories:
  • Preventive – assist patients with more than two migraine attacks each month in lowering the frequency of attacks.
  • Abortive – used to treat the symptoms after the onset of migraine headaches. Medications must be taken as soon as it occurs, otherwise, they may be less effective.

Non-drug treatments can be effective, especially when used in conjunction with medication.

In our facility, we put our best efforts into providing relief from chronic migraine and craniofacial pain in California. Through our innovative treatments, you can conquer your condition head-on!

If you require treatment for migraine in Corona, California, look no further. Call us today to know how our services might support your needs!

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